Frequently asked questions

My Order/Delivery

How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders usually take 3-5 days to any country in Europe. Depending on the country of delivery the shipping time can vary. 

Cleaning the O.F.B.

When should I clean the O.F.B.?

To clean the grill, turn the O.F.B. off, disconnect it from the LP gas cylinder and wait for it and all removable parts to cool before cleaning. The cooling-down time depends surrounding temperature and for how long you have used the grill. Please only handle when completely cooled off. This may take up to an hour.

How do I clean the O.F.B.?

Outside surfaces – Use a warm soapy water solution to clean, then rinse with water.

Inside surfaces – Remove the top unit of the O.F.B. by opening the two fasteners located at the back of the grill, sliding the entire top unit into this direction and lifting it from the bottom unit. Place the top unit with its outside surface onto a towel, such that the two ceramic burners are visible. Now use a warm soapy water solution to clean all stainless steel surfaces, then rinse with water to remove all soap residues. For stubborn particles, a non-metallic brush can be used. Handle the top unit with extreme care and avoid exposing it to shocks, as this can easily cause damages to the ceramic burners.

Cast iron grill grate – Clean with a suitable stainless steel bristle brush. As needed, remove from grill and wash with warm soapy water, then rinse with water. After cleaning your cast iron griddle, dry it with a towel and wrap it into a cotton towel for storage. From time to time, treat your griddle to a grease rub using vegetable oil (e.g., flaxseed oil).

Via the following links you can find a video which shows how to clean the O.F.B.

Europe: https://youtu.be/4IOPoLIB7tA

USA: https://youtu.be/5LUamifiGaI

How often do I need to clean the O.F.B.?

For hygiene reasons in order to guarantee a well working grill we advise to clean the O.F.B. after every use.

Operating the Otto Grill

How much smoke will the O.F.B. develop while using it?

Smoke development when using the O.F.B. is minimal. This is because we don’t burn any pellets or fossil fuels but use clean burning gas. And because our heat source sits above the meat, you won’t have flare ups. We always recommend to put water in the drip tray to prevent the drippings from overheating and reaching their smoke point.

Can I use my grill when it is wet? Can I use my grill after I left it outside in the rain?

In order to guarantee longevity of the grill and all its parts you should always dry off the grill before using it. You should never operate the grill while its ceramic burners are wet.

Can I leave my grill outside without covering it?

The O.F.B. is made of 304 stainless steel and can be left outside without developing rust. However, in order to protect against other things like bird droppings or pollen we recommend to cover the grill.

Can I use the O.F.B. on the cargo bed or hood of my pickup truck?

No, we do not recommend to use the grill in or on regular vehicles.

Can I use the O.F.B. in my garage while the gate is open?

No, we recommend to not use the O.F.B. in rooms with ceilings.

What size is the O.F.B.? How much does the O.F.B. weight?

You can find the dimensions and weight of our grill in our online shop. The grill weighs 18 kg and has the dimensions. Width 42,5 cm x depth 44 cm x height 29,5 cm.


Is my payment safe?

The security of your data is our highest priority. We are using encryption methods, e.g. Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which makes sure that your data is transmitted to Otto Wilde Grillers only in an encrypted way.

What payment methods does Otto Wilde Grillers accept?

We accept credit card, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Gas Supply

Can I connect my O.F.B. to the natural gas lines in my house?

No. It is not safe to do so and the O.F.B. is not designed for in-house natural gas lines.

How do I connect the LP gas cylinder to the O.F.B.

Please follow the detailed instructions in the user manual. 

Here you can find a video to setup the O.F.B.:


Which type of gas can I use for the O.F.B.

The O.F.B. works on Liquid Propane. You need a Liquid Propane gas cylinder.

What should I do when I notice that gas is leaking?

If there is a leak, turn off the gas and tighten the fitting. Turn the gas back on and recheck with the soap and water solution. If leak does not stop, do not use the O.F.B.. Make sure that there are no ignition sources in proximity when connecting your grill to the liquid propane cylinder. Especially open fires, cigarettes, candles, lamps and electronic devices can be hazardous if there is a gas leak.